What Can I Take for Back Pain While Pregnant

It is always best to find non prescriptive ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy especially when you are 39 weeks pregnant you ought to be careful. The above video show a few exercise that worked for me and am sure it will work for you.

Video Transcript

hi I’m dr. Michael Shabazz you know if lenders family chiropractic today will have the opportunity to demonstrate five easy stretches to relieve tension in your mid back and lower back during the course of the pregnancy we have actually here today with us she’s in her third trimester she’ll be assisting us so let’s get started so we’ll start off with our first stretch today so the first one is called gentle spinal immobilization so we’ll have actually demonstrate that so she’s going to go ahead and sit likes cross over one another she’s maintaining good posture she’s going to have her left hand over right foot and then she’ll be dragging her arm right behind her and then moving back out this is a good way an X on way to release the tension of your mid-back and also a gentle way of mobilizing your spinal joints to release pressure within those specific joins you can do these several times a day what I would recommend 10 times on the right 10 x on the left the stretch for a second or two get that nice tool and then come back out again ok so we’ll move on to our second stretch for today the second one is called Child’s Pose this is a great way to rejuvenate relax your muscles in the back and we’ll have actually demonstrate that so not actually on her arms and legs get as she’s making a good posture she’s kind of having her arms extended good balance and then she’ll be bringing the head and the chin tucked into the belly this is a good way to stretch the arms as well and then showed you back to that start position shall come back down again and she’s moving back she wants to really be conscious of the valley we don’t want to screw shop too long just come back again and then you’ll continue this several times a day excellent way to reduce some of the tension on your back go back and also getting a good stretch with you this as well our third stretch today will be cap cow also known as help me too so what I’m actually assisted with it to demonstrate it so she’ll get into her start position and then obviously she is maintaining good posture and good straight extended arms with the legs and then she’ll moving to that tucked in position you want to bring the chin and the head flex back in bring the mid back to the ceiling to tuck the abdominal area to the spine and they go back out extend the hip backwards head into extension and as you’re going from the start position to the end of that specific segment you want to hold for a few seconds that so you’ll get a good pulling so let’s demonstrate one more time good movement there a lot of read what the back and also this is a really excellent way of introducing a lot of flexibility within your body and your spinal ok so the next stretch that we’re going to demonstrate is a percent move so what would like to do here would like to ask you to stand up ok we’re going to have your arms all the way huh this is a great way to fill the streets on the side of your body the side of them back so what you want to do is just move to one side feeling the stretch on Warren hold for several seconds maintain a good posture come back to the opposite side again for several seconds and then going back and forth very good you want to repeat this motion for several times a day this is a good way to open up the breathing open up your portion obviously help and support that up right now okay great so the next stretch we’re going to demonstrate is a pigeon pose this is a really good stretch on for the hips and usually for pregnancy or God the hips get really a key recommend this before night before sweet it tends to take away that tension and making us from the hip so what we’re going to do actually is going to demonstrate she’s going to get on four arms i’m gonna suck them right in the foot on one side underneath the belly she’s going to be on her elbows the hands and arms are shoulder width apart is going to maintain a good posture and gradually she’s going to pull in the head and shoulder slide there are upwards on for several seconds this is a really good stretch for them and then she’s going to come back to that starting position very good she’s going to go back we recommend to repeat this for several times through the day i’m back again excellence up this is a really good stretch like I said I’m for the hips we highly recommend you as your pregnancy we get a lot of tension through the hips baby’s moving baby’s going so one of the antenna good environment for the baby’s growth and development i’m dr. Michael shahbazian was fun to start a fire practice thanks for joining us today we look forward to seeing you and helping you providing the best care in the community thank you