36 Weeks Pregnant Lower Back Pain

Video Transcript

hello ladies i want to talk about chronic back pain and pregnancy obviously having chronic back pain is probably one of the worst things you could ever experience but although as a result of this beautiful baby that’s inside of you you cannot be taking prescription medications that can counteract the healing and the growth of your own baby so what are some things that you can do naturally to help the pain go away now don’t think because you have pain and maybe you’re in the fourth or fifth month and you’re saying WOW another three four five more months of this pain it’s not necessarily going to be that way now having this weight growing in your stomach puts a tremendous stress upon the ligaments joints and muscles there are hormones being secreted within your body that’s even allow the ligaments become more stretched more elastic like a rubber band where it can become nice and loose the purpose of ligaments that hold the joints together so the lower pac the lower back area the sake really act that joint particularly becomes hypermobile causing more distress and more irritation on the nerve now realize this is all about gravity when something is being pulled forward something on the opposite side has to pull you back those are called muscles now one of my favorites are massage therapists massage therapist particularly those who are advanced in acupressure knowing the points to release because releasing the points what we call acupressure points which are indirectly related to acupuncture points but by releasing these points can allow the body to become more balanced also when the muscles are hypertonic they’re very contract by releasing those muscles will allow those muscles to relax so the excessive contraction of the muscles is what is causing a lot of your pain that you’re feeling in your lower back now chiropractic care can also be a big asset people think of chiropractic as moving bones being rough hearing noises and popping but that’s not what it’s about it’s about balance when the pelvic becomes imbalanced as a result of relaxing which is one of the main hormones that secreted within your body it allows us liquids become loose causing that shifting of the pelvic making one leg possibly a little higher or lower than the other and that allows the body to become more inflamed and allows those muscles to become more contracted so by getting the correct adjustment by balancing out the pelvic can be a tremendous asset for you something that has been proven and extremely a hundred percent safe when you find the right practitioner now even at home there’s a lot of great things you can do like moist heat waste heat brings in lots of circulation to the area relaxes the muscle you can alternate with some ice theories inflamed but moist heat a great modality very safe something that will bring lots of blood nutrition and oxygen into the cells to help repair you can use it 20-25 minutes at a time and make sure you do not burn your skin it do not go to sleep with it because you may wake up very sorry but moist heat i think is something that may take away those muscle spasms and make a big difference with your pain and problems meditation is another great way of helping paint you as you breathe in here and oxygen through the nose and exhale through the mouth your secreting endorphins allowing your body to become more relaxed relaxing the muscles have been slowing down the heart rates slowing down everything so that in itself can make a big change i’m sure many of you Yogi’s out there or those who are into meditation or know a little bit about it it’s proven that it can definitely reduce pain and make you feel whole lot relax and actually make you sleep a whole lot better woman i understand that you know as his baby continues to grow you may feel less attractive but swimming is a great another exercise you can do it puts a lot of movement in the joints there’s a lot of buoyancy very safe for the baby actually helps increase circulation loosens up increases more flexibility so you may wanna jump in a pole through the breast stroke do a little swimming keep moving i think it’s a great thing for you and your child now when you sleep I understand you got a baby inside you more weight there and they say that sleeping on your back is not a good thing kick me for the baby for many reasons all those sleeping on your side is preferred but when you sleep on your side make sure you are on a firm or semi firm mattress mattress such too soft me make you sink in not allowing the spine to stand in line although when you sleep make sure the heads and the pillow is keeping your head in mind where your head’s not propped up or prop down because that can actually cause problems with your neck and shoulders so sleeping preferably on your side a body pillow holding the pillows the knees slightly bent it is something between your knees and I think that will give you a whole lot of relief lastly I want to talk about your footing now understand when you’re wearing high heels you are going along with the excessive forward weight-bearing of that baby the high heels pushes you up bring your body forward the back muscles have to work harder irritate nurse is going to lead to more back problems with please do not wear those high heels preferably more of those flats make sure that you have a good support for your arch very important because remember those ligaments the relaxing the ligaments are more loose not only in the pelvis but throughout your whole entire body but we’re in a good arch support will do you a lot of good and probably make it a whole lot easier for your feet as well so ladies as well as gentlemen who may be watching this video for your lady I do hope this makes a tremendous positive impact for you and hoping that this will resolve a lot of your pain as fast as possible please leave your comments so others can read it if you have any questions for me i’ll do my best to respond back to you make it a great day i’m dr. Alan Mandel